IDT offers an integrated, sustainable approach to architectural design. A project team of architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and engineers, employ a systematic process to building design which creates a unified experience between interior and exterior environments. Each design is a unique response to the program and site.

Program Development and Site Planning
Architectural Building Design
Project Management/Scheduling
Construction Drawings/Specification
Construction Administration


With extensive experience in land use, site planning and master planning, we offer facility needs assessments and master planning services which provide a framework for decision making that is sensitive to code, legal, economic, state funding and political factors. Architecture, landscape, lighting and utility systems are all evaluated. Site plans identify functions, delineate private and public space and provide clarity for both vehicular and pedestrian circulation.

Facility Needs Assessments
Master Planning
Cost & Budget Estimating
Land Use Planning
Governmental Processing


We approach interior design holistically. We believe that interior architecture, lighting design, building systems and sustainable finishes are intertwined with furniture, artwork, plants, signage, graphics and wayfinding. Careful coordination of the client’s furniture and equipment with the technology infrastructure in a space creates a seamless design. Designers create innovative and flexible interior spaces that meet the client's functional and aesthetic goals, within the budget provided. We provide a full interior design, architectural and engineering services to our clients, resulting in sustainable, integrated design solutions.


Our team of structural engineers design safe, cost-effective, high-performance structural systems. Our structural engineers use their broad-based technical expertise and creativity to provide sustainable and appropriate structural solutions to meet our client’s programmatic, financial and performance requirements. With knowledge, experience and leading-edge structural systems, we can reduce life-cycle building costs.

Structural Modeling, Analysis, Design and Documentation
Existing & New Structures Seismic Performance Evaluation
Floor Vibration Analysis and Remediation
Performance-Based Design
Finite Element Modeling and Nonlinear Analysis